The 5th Quarter Club is a booster program that supports the Cherokee Football Program. Our goal is to enhance the Cherokee Football experience for the players on and off the field. Membership in the 5th Quarter Club requires your ability to volunteer for activities throughout the season that directly benefit your child. If you participate in the 5th Quarter Club and earn the required points and have paid your dues, your son will receive a $500 scholarship for college and a framed jersey at the end of his senior year. Other events that the 5th Quarter Club funds/partially funds include the kick-off party, post-game pizza parties, professional photographer/videographer, the banquet and more.


A maximum of 8 points can be earned each season. *
Each volunteer event earns you 1 point.
(donating food/drink does not count towards points)

Volunteer opportunities include but are not limited to:

  • Membership Dues Paid (mandatory)
  • Fall Festival (apparel sale)
  • Meetings (attend at least 1 mtg/month - be sure to sign in)
  • Mattress Sale
  • Games/Concessions
  • Fashion Show (most help needed here)
  • Pizza Parties (set up/clean up)
  • Various Others

This is strictly a volunteer program, no one participant is paid for their assistance therefore everyone’s participation is at the utmost importance. Our challenge every year is that participation is enthusiastically high in the beginning of the season and winds down towards the end of the season.  We ask that you do all you can to spread out your volunteering throughout the season – keeping the December Fashion Show in mind.




Point System
Senior Parents

The Cherokee 5th Quarter Club was established to support and promote the sport of football, players, cheerleaders and trainers with the approval and endorsement of its administration and the respective coaches and staff.


We are the largest booster club at Cherokee High School! We are here to help keep you in touch with all that is going on, on and off the field, concerning football.

Family Dues for Juniors, Sophomores
and Freshman  (includes $25 for

Fashion Show tickets)                                                         $75


Family Dues for Seniors (includes $25 for

Fashion Show tickets and $5 for sheet)                  $80


If you have two or more players – you only need to pay one dues for $75/$80





A few things to know going into your son’s senior year.


Sheets:  We have purchased 1 WHITE TWIN flat sheet for all Senior players (included in dues). We will need help attaching the grommets to the sheets. This is for his assigned cheerleader to design for him and you can then display on the hill for each home game.


Screwdrivers: Dollar store screwdrivers are one suggestion for securing the sheet to the hill.

Bio Form:  Your son must fill out a Bio Form that gets submitted in August and is displayed next to his photo in the Program.

Psych Bags/Thank You Bags (Home Games, All Playoff Games and the Championship Game)

Each HOME game - senior players receive “psych bags” from their assigned cheerleader. Each player in turn reciprocates by giving their cheerleader a thank you gift at the pizza party ($20 max recommended)

Pasta Parties: Each year Senior Parents are asked to host a Pasta Party (these occur the Thursday night before each game)