Membership in the Cherokee 5th Quarter Club requires your ability to volunteer for activities throughout the season that directly benefit your child. Each member is required to volunteer for 4 events throughout the season. You earn points each time you volunteer. A maximum of 8 points can be earned each season. A total of 32 points are needed by senior year in order for your child to receive a full Cherokee 5th Quarter Club Scholarship. Your time is so valuable to the booster club! We cannot provide for the team without the help of our volunteers.


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The Cherokee 5th Quarter Club was established to support and promote the sport of football, players, cheerleaders and trainers with the approval and endorsement of its administration and the respective coaches and staff.


We are the largest booster club at Cherokee High School! We are here to help keep you in touch with all that is going on, on and off the field, concerning football.

Point System

Family Dues for Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores                            $50


Family Dues for Freshman                                                                        $25